Ghoramara, the sinking island

Climate awareness, at last

UNESA companies, pioneers in the fight against climate change

When your home is in danger…

Agreement in Paris to save the planet!

Paris is waiting for a global agreement

Climate Change Hot Map

Carbon Clock: Level of CO2 in Real Time

Iberdrola against climate change

Al Gore: “We have the solution at hand”

How to stop climate change

The commitment of ‘the big ones’

7 Keys in Climate change

Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Mark Zuckerberg support green energies

Join the #Just2Challenge

Over 500 institutions pledge to end fossil fuel investment

The Iberdrola Manifesto

Electricity for All

Jogging vs. Pollution, by Chema Martínez

Stage 12: Rambouillet – Paris

Stage 11: Beaugency – Rambouillet, with Chema Martínez and Ignacio Cuenca

Innovation and Development

Sustainable Mobility: Green energy in movement

Stage 10: Amboise – Beaugency, with Jesús Martínez

The price of CO2

The science of climate change, by Julio Lumbreras Martín

Stage 9: Saumur – Amboise, with Antonio Espinosa De Los Monteros, Agustín Delgado, Javier Villalba and Julio Lumbreras

The path to a better world

Green entrepreneurship, by Ana Gorostegui

Stage 8, Fontenay Le Compte – Saumur with Carlos Fernández and Ana Gorostegui

The international negotiation process

Solutions for a better world

Stage 7, Royan – Fontenay Le Compte, Thanksgiving Day

The role of companies and citizens

The fight against climate change in the EU, by Santiago Martínez Garrido

A concern that emerges from the common sense, by Javier de Miguel

Stage 6, Pauillac – Royan, with Javier de Miguel and Santiago Martínez Garrido

Climate change and electricity for everyone

Renewables, the key to the climate change solution, by Xabier Viteri

Stage 5: Biscarrosse – Pauillac, with Xabier Viteri

A change of mindset

The role of energy efficiency

Alfonso Cabello, commited to the Just2Challenge

Climate change and security, by Liutenant Colonel Francisco Berenguer

Stage 4: BAYONNE – BISCARROSSE, with lieutenant colonel Francisco Berenguer and Diego Pons

The commitment to renewable energies

Carlos Sallé: “1.200 millions of people have right to access electricity.”

The role of electricity in the solution

Stage 3: Urnieta – Bayonne

Solutions for stopping climate change

Stage 2: Urdaibai – Urnieta

Josef Ajram: will we be able to make the effort?

The source of climate change

Stage 1: Bilbao – Urdaibai

Our challenge has begun

La Roja joins the #Just2Challenge

Barack Obama presenta su plan para combatir el cambio climático

This Art Project Will Transform the Eiffel Tower Into a Forest of Heartbeat-Powered Trees

Pequeñas soluciones contra el cambio climático

El Papa presenta una encíclica para frenar el calentamiento global

Las 10 empresas españolas que están en la vanguardia mundial de la lucha contra el cambio climático

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